The Fifth Wave

Coffee. Without its fragrant aroma to start each day, the world would come to a halt if calamity affected it cultivation, processing and distribution. It may even be argued that the modern world owes its very existence to that miraculous beverage, inasmuch as coffee is responsible for stimulating 18th and 19th century thinkers into unparalleled creative achievements in science, politics and philosophy. But, you have no doubt wondered, are we the only ones in the Universe who crave it?

Roxie has Moxie

Up in the far North, where it's too cold for lions, but just right for Bigfoot, a touching drama is about to unfold. The heroine of our saga is Sherry Brandywhine, a former stripper who has come to the wilds of Alaska, courtesy of the FBI’s witness protection program, to escape her psychotic, drug kingpin ex-boyfriend and possibly, just maybe…meet the perfect man!

How I Cleaned Up The Dorland Gang

Buck Henry, unemployed soap maker, travels the Wild West with Tiger the beer drinking cat in search of adventure and a tall cold one at the end of the bar. Speaking of bars, have you ever wondered what soap is made of? Our first adventure starts in a beer bar and ends up with a soap bar, a big one. Our second adventure pits Tiger the cat against a ruthless road agent, who learns the hard way why cats have nine lives. Finally, we visit Buck in the last moments of his life. Is our dear Buck destined for the cemetery...or something else?