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Wisdomkeepers takes an extraordinary spirit-journey into the lives, minds, and natural-world philosophy of Native American spiritual Elders. With magnificent photographs and powerful words, the Wisdomkeepers share their innermost thoughts and feelings, their dreams and visions, their jokes and laughter, their...
Author(s): Steve Wall, Harvey Arden
Hannes Alfven - Costmic Plasma
Plasma physics started along two parallel lines. One of them was the hundred-year-old investigations into what was called ‘electrical discharges in gases’. To a high degree, this approach was experimental and phenomenological, and only very slowly did it reach some...
Author(s): Hannes Alfvén

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A documentary photographer, Steve has worked in more than forty countries, primarily for National Geographic magazine and books. His work has been featured in the United States and international publications and exhibited in galleries, museums, and collections in more than...
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Harvey Arden, retired senior writer for National Geographic, produced some of the magazine's most memorable stories during his tenure. Several of his articles have been reprinted in Reader's Digest.
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03 Treasures - Professor Eleanor Robson
Introduced by Chair and Respondent Dr Andrew Burnett, Professor Eleanor Robson gave a lecture entitled 'The human dimension: supporting the intellectual and social infrastructure of heritage in conflict and beyond'. The lecture took place on 3rd July 2019 in London...
Anatoly Liberman

Liberman, who was also elected Fellow of the Dictionary Society of North America last fall, spent a week in Russia at St. Petersburg University and the Moscow State University for the Humanities. He gave a cycle of eight lectures on...

Gregory Waselkov - BookTV
Author, Gregory Waselkov tells the story of the Fort Mims Massacre and how the battle marked the transition from a civil war within the Creek Tribe (Muskogee) to a war between the United States and the Red Stick warriors of...
The Rise of Jordan Peterson
A rare, intimate glimpse into the life and mind of Jordan Peterson, the academic and best-selling author who captured the world’s attention with his criticisms of political correctness and his life-changing philosophy on discovering personal meaning.
Peter Plichta
Dr. Peter Plichta can probably be counted among the most important scientists of the present. As a specialist in the fields of mathematics, chemistry, biology and nuclear physics, he has acquired revolutionary insights during 40 years of independent research and...

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Jean Cocteau - The Beauty and the Beast (1947)
Jean Cocteau's sublime adaptation of Mme. Leprince de Beaumont's fairy-tale masterpiece--in which the pure love of a beautiful girl melts the heart of a feral but gentle beast--is a landmark of motion picture fantasy, with unforgettably romantic performances by Jean...
Movie - Creation
Torn between faith and science, and suffering hallucinations, English naturalist Charles Darwin struggles to complete 'On the Origin of Species' and maintain his relationship with his wife.

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Last Call for Titan
Titan, Saturn's largest moon, is a planetary body capable of human habitation. Optis and Agat Films & cie together brought the magnitude of the Cassini-Huygens probe's journey to Titan to viewers. Using only the probe's data, Optis created a virtual...
Shaka Zulu
This lavish ten-hour mini-series chronicles the rise and fall of the legendary African warrior and Zulu king, Shaka. Filmed on location in South Africa, SHAKA ZULU interweaves historic fact with cultural mythologies to reveal the remarkable life of one of...

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Jennifer Marohasy
My initial interest in global warming was driven by a desire to better understand water issues, and in particular the likely affect of increasing levels of carbon dioxide on Australian rainfall.
Steven Pinker is an experimental psychologist who conducts research in visual cognition, psycholinguistics, and social relations. He grew up in Montreal and earned his BA from McGill and his PhD from Harvard. Currently Johnstone Professor of Psychology at Harvard, he...
Matt Ridley's books have sold over a million copies, been translated into 31 languages and won several awards. His books include The Red Queen, The Origins of Virtue, Genome, Nature via Nurture, Francis Crick, The Rational Optimist and The Evolution...
Website of Alain de Botton, was born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1969 and now lives in London. He is a writer of essayistic books that have been described as a ‘philosophy of everyday life.’ He’s written on love, travel, architecture...
Outreach Judaism
Outreach Judaism is an international organization that responds directly to the issues raised by missionaries and cults, by exploring Judaism in contradistinction to fundamentalist Christianity. Our organization’s goal is to generate a lasting connection between Jewish families and Judaism through...

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Established in 1839, the University of Missouri knows what it means to be first. We were the first public university west of the Mississippi River. We are home to the world’s first journalism school.
The British Library
We are the national library of the United Kingdom and give access to the world’s most comprehensive research collection. We provide information services to academic, business, research and scientific communities.
The British Museum
The British Museum holds in trust for the nation and the world a collection of art and antiquities from ancient and living cultures. Housed in one of Britain's architectural landmarks, the collection is one of the finest in existence, spanning...

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Gold River
Brett Stokes exploration of waterways and water.
Palm Beach
Brett Stokes interpretations of the physical world.
Triptych Under Water
Here Vicki combines metallic inks, metal foils, acrylics and other techniques to create stunning art forms.
Model and Flowers
Enjoy the surreal mindscapes of Vicki Hitt's photography.

One of a series of galleries showcasing the Apophysis 7X digital art fractal generator.