Web Development

I design and develop Drupal 8 and WordPress websites.

Sites I've created:

Peer to Peer Technology
Laura Glusha
Ironhand Studios


There's nothing in the desert but sand and rock.

Mind Controlled Art

What if you could you could create art with brain waves?

Arid Agriculture

What if you could grow food in the desert?

Veteran's History Museum

How to build an integrated digital history museum with exhibits.


One day I joined a writer's group.

Search Engine

How to create a GIS enabled, multilingual search engine.

Fresh Produce Packing System

How to create a fresh produce packing software package.


Learn to bake and become your own best friend.


It's better not to have one.


Fractals: A new dimension in art.


What is going on out there?

Old Time Radio

Timeless Radio Classics

Ancient World

What did they know?