Graffio.com is the home of my digital research system: "A Search for Intelligence". I often wondered, how can you expose the inner meanings of a book, a composition or a work of art and make it searchable and reachable? To that end, I am compiling a collection of works covering history, religion, music, art, science, archaeology, anthropology, linguistics and philosophy.

Initial Content

My initial research started with an examination of the ideas of Immanuel Velikovsky, but quickly ballooned into a vast network of writings based on references from his books to others he referenced in his bibliographies. I supplemented this with my own investigations on related topics.


Do you have a suggestion on someone that should appear here? Or, do you think your works should be listed here? Please contact me at one of my social media links in the footer of this page. I do not have a contact form on the site yet due to spammers, but will in the future.

Road Map

  1. Build-up of the library from my notes onto this website. That is taking place now.
  2. Each volume will, over time, contain complete bibliographic references, backwards and forwards. This means you can investigate a work's bibliographic lineage easily if you want to follow the author's research material.
  3. For entries where source text or a meta-description exists, an ontological tagging system will be developed such that searches return not only titles but contextual summaries of content that you can save for later inspection and follow-up.


The site's contents do not indicate my endorsement, unless otherwise indicated. I follow the information pathways wherever they go. The site will, by its nature, list material with diametrically opposed viewpoints. I and my curators will publish opinions separately, purely for interest and speculation.


As a writer or curiosity seeker, you will find this useful. The site is continuously updated and enhanced. I invite you to bookmark it and come back at your convenience.


This site was created in Drupal 8. While Drupal has a deserved reputation for being hard to master, I chose it because of its performance, power and flexibility.


Since I have not personally read all the works, I document the attribution sources. Sometimes, a work or author summary comes from one of their own works, or is self-submitted.

Disclaimer: there is content on the site that I personally created; it is not directly reachable by the menus, but you can search on my name and it will appear.