Life is indeed a mirror. Let’s gaze into it together and see what we shall behold. Join me in my life journey of attempting to make this world a better place with each book that I publish. Join the characters in my stories as they strive to gain understanding and grow into more accomplished people because of, and despite their circumstances.

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Excellent Work!

Four waves of increasingly deadly alien attacks have left most of Earth decimated. An alien civilization, unable to produce enough coffee to feed their planet’s caffeine addiction, is on the verge of collapse.

My Dear Esteemed Mr. Simpson,

As I promised in my telegraph to you of October 1st, I'm recounting, on behalf of Mr. Buck Henry, events having transpired at the transfer station outside of Abilene, Texas. As I intimated in my brief telegram to you at the Chronicle, I was en route to Tombstone, Arizona to join my associates, the Earp brothers.



Dear Mister Simpson,

It was mighty kindly of you to enquire about my life story for your newspaper. I can't read nor write so my friend Big Mike is write'n it down for me, some parts he remembers better anyways. He taught himself read'n and write'n so's he could tend his saloon, the L&L that used to be in Dodge City, Kansas before it burned down in '83. He ain't much better'n me so's I hope you'll git the gist of things.



We all know how much joy a happy pet brings to the household. After a stressful day at work and on the freeway, after visiting our in-laws in jail, after borrowing more on our credit cards just to live another week, after beating our kids half to death because we can’t stand their incessant wining because we spend more on meth, crack and Jack Daniels than on wholesome, nutritious food for our loving families, our faithful and devoted pets are there to console us and brighten our day.

Published Reviews

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Simon S: Is this based on a true story?


Lucinda M: Why no vampires or zombies?


Tok'n Joe: Dude, you are a riot!


Felicia C: Are you planning to finish "Roxie has Moxie"? My kids loved it!


Wolfgang P: Thluck is not an Austrian name. Who are you trying to fool?


Jerry S: Would you consider licensing this story for an animated Punch & Judy show? If interested, have your people contact my people.