The Fifth Wave

Deadly aliens have almost conquered Earth. Only John Ballard, an unemployed pet psychic, a mysterious beauty named Rosa Zuleca, the enigmatic Professor Grund and a cat and parrot, both named Pete, can send the monsters packing!

Roxie Has Moxie

This story is about an ex-stripper named Sherry Brandywhine (note the spelling) who moves to Alaska and adopts a Pug dog named Roxie that she dresses in a pink tutu. Sherry is a payroll clerk for a never to be named title company. It involves a mad scientist named Dr. Thluck who is an expert in animal psychology and canine head transplant surgery, an insane snow blower operator named “Mikey-Poo” who is obsessed with gargoyle catalogs, Sherry's new love interest, handsome, dashing FBI agent Laars '...' (yes, this guy had his last name changed to be three periods), a creepy payroll technical support guy named “Juan Carlos de California” who works in the title company's main office basement next to an open sewer, an evil, greedy corporate kingpin named Dr. Ngo, who has the world market cornered on used Wurlitzer organs, and finally a dangerous psychotic drug lord named “Pixel”, ex-lover of Sherry, who owns a Wurlitzer organ he bought from Dr. Ngo that won't play because the D# keys in all octaves are stuck. The adventure starts in Alaska, and quickly takes our cast of heroes around the world in an effort to combat evil and insanity. Just so you know, there won’t be any aliens, zombies, vampires or werewolves in this story.