Web Portfolio

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Bipolar Designs
Creating art with swirling colors is not only hypnotic but truly addicting, as I frequently get lost in my own world in search of ever more fantastic forms. Each piece speaks to me with a different voice.
Brett Stokes
"I believe when my great aunt told me as a child, as she told my father, that we were INDIAN that I am compelled to honor and respect the old ones who prayed for us, in a good way."
CMS Produce
Goal: Create an affordable, sophisticated solution for the produce supply chain industry.
Ironhand Studios
His artwork embodies the spirit of his race and the love of what he does. Ironhand works in many medias, hot glass, clay, graphite, oils, watercolors, bronze, wood, stone, the computer, and many others.
Laura Glusha
Laura Glusha is an author, artist and teacher. In the early 1970’s, Laura was working as a freelance artist for the film industry in Hollywood, when a visit to the Los Angeles Zoo changed her life.
Peer to Peer Technology
The human mind is the most complex, beautiful and creative force we know of. It has created civilizations, conquered diseases, solved intractable problems, created works of art and taken us to the stars. Why are we then content to live at the mercy of tyrants? Can the human mind break free of cancerous monopolies and create wondrous things once again?
Read To My Soul
We are looking for authors who have penned inspirational, uplifting and scholarly works, fiction or non-fiction.