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Last Call for Titan

Titan, Saturn's largest moon, is a planetary body capable of human habitation. Optis and Agat Films & cie together brought the magnitude of the Cassini-Huygens probe's journey to Titan to viewers. Using only the probe's data, Optis created a virtual world that mimics how a human would experience Titan. Discover what lies on its surface and find out if it may one day become a habitable zone.

Last Call for Titan!
Topics: Space exploration
Shaka Zulu

This lavish ten-hour mini-series chronicles the rise and fall of the legendary African warrior and Zulu king, Shaka. Filmed on location in South Africa, SHAKA ZULU interweaves historic fact with cultural mythologies to reveal the remarkable life of one of the greatest military figures of the African continent. Starring Henry Cele, Christopher Lee, Robert Powell, Edward Fox and Trevor Howard.

Shaka Zulu
By: William Faure
Topics: Biography: historical, political and military