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Google Archipelago: The Digital Gulag and the Simulation of Freedom
Michael Rectenwald - The Google Archipelago
Google Archipelago: The Digital Gulag and the Simulation of Freedom begins with familiar cultural politics as points of entry to the book's theme regarding the reach, penetration, and soon the ubiquity of the digital world. In a book about enormous...

By: Michael Rectenwald
Topics: Ethical issues: censorship, Ethical issues: scientific, technological and medical developments
Editions available: 2
Michael Crichton - Next
From Michael Crichton, the #1 bestselling author of Jurassic Park and The Andromeda Strain, comes an astounding, eye-opening look at the world of genetics: Next.

By: Michael Crichton
Topics: Technothrillers
Editions available: 6
Michael Crichton - Timeline
In an Arizona desert a man wanders in a daze, speaking words that make no sense. Within twenty-four hours he is dead, his body swiftly cremated by his only known associates. Halfway around the world archaeologists make a shocking discovery...

By: Michael Crichton
Topics: Thriller / suspense fiction
Editions available: 5
State of Fear
Michael Crichton - State of Fear
New York Times bestselling author Michael Crichton delivers another action-packed techo-thriller in State of Fear.

By: Michael Crichton
Topics: Terrorism Thrillers, Technothrillers
Editions available: 4
Michael Crichton - Prey
Michael Crichton's Prey is a terrifying page-turner that masterfully combines a heart–pounding thriller with cutting-edge technology.

By: Michael Crichton
Topics: Science fiction
Editions available: 5
The Andromeda Evolution
Daniel H. Wilson - The Andromeda Evolution
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Fifty years after The Andromeda Strain made Michael Crichton a household name—and spawned a new genre, the technothriller—the threat returns, in a gripping sequel that is terrifyingly realistic and resonant.

Topics: Techno-thrillers
Editions available: 5
Dragon Teeth
Michael Crichton - Dragon Teeth
Michael Crichton, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Jurassic Park, returns to the world of paleontology in this recently discovered novel—a thrilling adventure set in the Wild West during the golden age of fossil hunting.

By: Michael Crichton
Topics: Adventure fiction, Historical fiction
Editions available: 5
Five Patients
Michael Crichton - Five Patients
Michael Crichton (the creator of TV's "ER") writes about true stories of life in the emergency rooms of Massachusetts General Hospital: a construction worker is seriously injured in a scaffolding collapse; a young man nearly severs his hand; and three...

By: Michael Crichton
Topics: medical reference, Social Services & Welfare
Editions available: 3
Michael Crichton - Travels
From the bestselling author of Jurassic Park, Timeline, and Sphere comes a deeply personal memoir full of fascinating adventures as he travels everywhere from the Mayan pyramids to Kilimanjaro.

By: Michael Crichton
Topics: Memoir
Editions available: 4
Richard Preston - Michael Crichton - Micro
In the vein of Jurassic Park, this high-concept thriller follows a group of graduate students lured to Hawaii to work for a mysterious biotech company—only to find themselves cast out into the rain forest, with nothing but their scientific expertise...

By: Michael Crichton
Topics: Adventure fiction
Editions available: 5