Dashed Against The Rock

A Romance of the Coming Age
William Juvenal Colville - Dashed Against The Rock
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An Excerpt From The Introduction:

IN presenting to the public the following extraordinary romance, I wish it to be distinctly understood that I am not in any sense the author of the scientific dissertations and tables which form a considerable portion of the volume.

In " Onesimus Templeton " I gave to the world the outcome of some truly wonderful experiences which came under my notice, and arrested I may say, literally compelled my attention during the summer of 1885, when my time was divided between France and England.

That wonderful phenomena did indeed occur, that the most remarkable cures were accomplished, through a subtle agency defying exterior analysis, I was then thoroughly convinced; but at that time I had not in my possession the mysterious and yet I daresay altogether natural, even though spiritual statements concerning exact science which I now introduce into these pages, not for any one's blind acceptance, but as a challenge to whoever may desire to investigate, or even seek to disprove.

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William Wilberforce Juvenal Colville
William Juvenal Colville
William Wilberforce Juvenal Colville (September 5, 1860 - January 15, 1917) was an English-born medium, lecturer, and author of numerous books on Spiritualism, New Thought, and related esoteric subjects.

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