Fresh Produce Inventory

Year started: 2003
Technology: SQL Server 2005 and VB.Net 2003

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I own the source code for this project, and it is copyrighted by me personally. This is a powerful package which has enormous potential to enter a seemingly saturated market with a low cost self-hosted or SAAS alternative for small packing and brokerage houses.


Bring this to market as a module in the Drupal 8.x world, and/or as a plugin for the WordPress world. I am looking for a financial/marketing partner who could sustain dedicated development for at least a year. Ideally, 5-10 pilot sites, each with a different produce commodity, could fund most of the development.

The pilot sites would spend a fraction of what they would have paid for a commercial package, while the partner could recoup costs and enjoy profits based on recurring income from maintenance and/or service fees for hosted environments.

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