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C. S. Lewis
C.S. Lewis
Clive Staples Lewis was a British writer and lay theologian. He held academic positions in English literature at both Oxford University and Cambridge University. He is best known for his works of fiction, especially The Screwtape Letters, The Chronicles of...

Country of Origin: Ireland
Occupation(s): Educator, Broadcaster, Novelist
Specialty(ies): Fiction, Christian Apologetics, Theology
Contributions catalogued: 75
Edward Dutton
Edward Dutton
I like researching controversial topics. If someone forcefully insists that a certain area is out of bounds and you’re ‘immoral’ for even contemplating it, then that is where new discoveries are going to lie. I originally read Theology at Durham...

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Occupation(s): Anthropologist
Specialty(ies): Anthropology, Theology, Free Speech / Free Thought Advocate, Social Commentary
Contributions catalogued: 13