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Thomas S. Kuhn
Thomas S. Kuhn
Thomas Samuel Kuhn was an American philosopher of science whose 1962 book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions was influential in both academic and popular circles, introducing the term paradigm shift, which has since become an English-language idiom.

Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation(s): Philosopher
Specialty(ies): Philosophy of Science
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Maurice A. Finocchiaro
Maurice A. Finocchiaro
Maurice Finocchiaro is a graduate of M.I.T. (B.S.) and U.C. Berkeley (Ph.D.); now Distinguished Professor of Philosophy (Emeritus), University of Nevada-Las Vegas; and past fellow and grantee of the Guggenheim Foundation, American Council of Learned Societies, National Science Foundation, and...

Country of Origin: Italy
Occupation(s): Historian, Philosopher, Logician
Specialty(ies): Medieval History, Philosophy of Science, Informal Logic and Critical Thinking, Italian Social and Political Philosophy, Galileo Galilei
Contributions catalogued: 13
Articles published: 1
Niels Bohr
Niels Bohr
Niels Henrik David Bohr was a Danish physicist who made foundational contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum theory, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922. Bohr was also a philosopher and a promoter of scientific...

Country of Origin: Denmark
Occupation(s): Physicist
Specialty(ies): Quantum Mechanics, Philosophy of Science
Contributions catalogued: 9
Alexander Unzicker
Alexander Unzicker
Alexander Unzicker is a German theoretical physicist and science writer. His book "Vom Urknall zum Durchknall" won the award 'most controversial science book of the year' by "Bild der Wissenschaft". He publicly criticizes theories that are not testable like string...

Country of Origin: Germany
Occupation(s): Journalist, Physicist
Specialty(ies): Particle Physics, Philosophy of Science
Contributions catalogued: 3
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Eric Lerner
Eric Lerner
Eric J. Lerner is an award-winning popular science writer, plasma researcher and advocate of plasma cosmology. In 1991, he authored The Big Bang Never Happened, a popular science book highlighting Plasma Cosmology in comparison to the Big Bang theory. He...

Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation(s): Physicist, Lecturer
Specialty(ies): Cosmology, Electromagnetism, Plasma Physics, Philosophy of Science
Contributions catalogued: 1
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Immanuel Velikovsky
Immanuel Velikovsky
Russian independent scholar who wrote a number of books reinterpreting the events of ancient history, in particular the US bestseller Worlds in Collision published in 1950. Earlier, he had played a role in the founding of the Hebrew University of...

Country of Origin: United Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR)
Occupation(s): Historian, Psychoanalyst
Specialty(ies): Astrophysics, Catastrophy Theory, Cosmology, Philosophy of Science
Contributions catalogued: 8