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Leonard Peikoff
Leonard Peikoff
Leonard S. Peikoff (born October 15, 1933) is a Canadian-American philosopher. He is an author, a leading advocate of Objectivism and the founder of the Ayn Rand Institute. A former professor of philosophy, he was designated by the novelist Ayn...

Country of Origin: Canada
Occupation(s): Lecturer, Philosopher
Specialty(ies): Objectivism
Contributions catalogued: 12
Ayn Rand
Ayn Rand
During her own lifetime, Rand became a famous and controversial figure. A best-selling author, she also carried her message to university classrooms, to Hollywood, to Congress, to the editorial page, to talk shows and radio programs. Her presence has only...

Country of Origin: United Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR)
Occupation(s): Social Critic, Philosopher
Specialty(ies): Fiction, Objectivism
Contributions catalogued: 7
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