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Glenn Borchardt
Glenn Borchardt
Glenn Borchardt has over fifty years of practical and theoretical experience in science and philosophy. He has produced over four hundred scientific reports, including journal articles, books, chapters, abstracts, computer programs, and consulting reports. Dr. Borchardt is the Director of...

Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation(s): Scientist
Specialty(ies): Cosmology, Geology, Mineralogy
Contributions catalogued: 4
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Roger Revelle
Roger Revelle
Roger Revelle was born in Seattle to William Roger Revelle and Ella Dougan, and grew up in southern California, graduating from Pomona College in 1929 with early studies in geology and then earning a Ph.D. in oceanography from the University...

Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation(s): Oceanographer
Specialty(ies): Oceanography, Geology
Hans Schindler Bellamy
Hans Bellamy Schindler
The writer, mythologist and catastrophically oriented naturalist Hans Schindler Bellamy was probably the most prominent advocate of Hanns Hörbiger's World Ice Theory.

Country of Origin: Austria
Occupation(s): Historian, Geologist, Biblical Scholar, Catastrophist, Astronomer
Specialty(ies): Geology, Astrophysics
Contributions catalogued: 8
Reginald Daly
Reginald Aldworth Daly
Daly was an early proponent of Arthur Holmes' and Alfred Wegener's continental drift theory. Daly summarized his ideas in his 1926 book, Our Mobile Earth, which included on the title page small print adopted from Galileo: E pur si muove.

Country of Origin: Canada
Occupation(s): Geologist
Specialty(ies): Geology, Continental Drift Theory
Contributions catalogued: 9