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Hanns Hörbiger
Hanns Hörbiger
Johannes "Hanns" Evangelist Hörbiger, better known as Hanns Hörbiger, was an Austrian engineer from Vienna with roots in Tyrol. He took part in the construction of the Budapest subway and in 1894 invented a new type of valve essential for...

Country of Origin: Austria
Occupation(s): Scientist, Engineer, Astronomer, Catastrophist
Specialty(ies): Theoretical Astronomy, Catastrophy Theory
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Hans Schindler Bellamy
Hans Bellamy Schindler
The writer, mythologist and catastrophically oriented naturalist Hans Schindler Bellamy was probably the most prominent advocate of Hanns Hörbiger's World Ice Theory.

Country of Origin: Austria
Occupation(s): Historian, Geologist, Biblical Scholar, Catastrophist, Astronomer
Specialty(ies): Geology, Astrophysics
Contributions catalogued: 8