Eco Farms

IT Manager
Job Location
Temecula, California

Develop software / maintain facility for Eco Farms, a grower-packer-shipper.

Software Duties

  • Maintain existing intranet application using PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and MySQL.
  • Enhance code base and add a robust security system.
  • Move code and database to Internet, allowing staff web access to enter and track orders.
  • Merge redundant code and optimize database structures to improve efficiency and maintainability.

Facility Duties

  • Build computer room with 24/7 air conditioning to house company servers.
  • Move server farm to new computer room with minimal disruption.
  • Upgrade server hardware to handle more workload (memory + disk space).
  • Build new Ubuntu Linux server for testing Internet applications.
  • Maintain plant hardware (scanners, floor machines, etc.).
  • Maintain Windows 2008 - 2012 servers, Active Directory, backup systems, etc.
  • Maintain Windows 2008 Hyper-V server running four virtual servers.
  • Perform mechanical and computer related repairs on Compac sizer.