The Fifth Wave is coming!

The Fifth Wave

It’s the 11th hour and humanity’s last chance. Can an unemployed pet psychic, his two pet companions, Pete the Cat, Pete the Parrot and a mysterious, beautiful woman save the Earth from coffee crazed aliens?


Roxie has Moxie

In Alaska, there are many wild creatures (bears, beavers, wolves, eagles, leopard seals, killer whales, moose, caribou and Sasquatch) that would be happy to eat a dog for lunch. But what about an Øverassen TV-2200 snow blower?


Trail’s End

There’s not much reason for Buck to live. At age 84, he lives alone in a decaying shack, a desiccated garden his only scenery. His mother, Big Mike, Doc Holliday and his beloved Tiger are all gone. Is this the end?


Tiger’s Revenge

Poor Buck Henry loses Tiger the cat at a transfer station in the Arizona Territory. Foul play is suspected. Doc Holliday, on his way to Tombstone, helps to locate Tiger…but Tiger has the last word!


How I Cleaned Up The Dorland Gang

Buck Henry, trying to enjoy a beer with his best friend Tiger the cat, faces down the dreaded Dorland Gang in Big Mike’s Saloon. He’s outsized, outgunned, outrun but not…outsmarted.


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