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The Rise of Jordan Peterson

Holding Space Films is a boutique production company based in Toronto, founded by director, editor and cinematographer, Patricia Marcoccia in 2017. With a focus on documentary films, we grapple with difficult, socially relevant topics that challenge stale thinking and promote meaningful conversations through timeless human stories. 

The company's name derives from the concept of "holding space," which is central to its filmmaking process. To hold space for someone is to metaphorically walk with them amidst their experience using genuine presence and deep listening to enable authenticity to emerge. This provides building blocks for the most powerful and honest documentary films.

Its first film, SHUT HIM DOWN: The Rise of Jordan Peterson (44 mins), was released on Canadian television in late 2018, topping the CBC Docs POV charts and receiving two Golden Sheaf Award nominations.

Building on this success, Holding Space Films strives to continue producing thoughtful and thought-provoking content that transcends ideological agendas through honest human stories.

The Rise of Jordan Peterson
Featuring: Patricia Marcoccia, Maziar Ghaderi
Topics: Biography: philosophy and social sciences
Peter Plichta

Dr. Peter Plichta can probably be counted among the most important scientists of the present. As a specialist in the fields of mathematics, chemistry, biology and nuclear physics, he has acquired revolutionary insights during 40 years of independent research and also written in books. If revolution is always linked to a collapse of the well-tried and rebuilt, there is also the question of whether the established sciences can afford such a collapse. And if then Dr. Peter Plichta is discovering errors in some areas of expertise, that is quite a remarkable event. If you read Plichta's books, you will find with astonishment that actually many textbooks would have to be rewritten.

While Giordano Bruno, a priest, poet, philosopher and astronomer (burned as a heretic in Rome in 1600), said back then that the universe was infinite and there was an infinite number of centers in an infinite space, today we are still talking about the Big Bang. Dr. Peter Plichta has proven mathematically that Giordano Bruno already knew this. An infinite space is thus "grained" and does not consist of infinitely small particles, because otherwise they would not exist at all. They consist of protons, neutrons and electrons, of a trinity and these smallest particles are therefore no longer to smash. Therefore, the nuclear research center CERN did not get any further in Geneva, which is - according to Plichta - a money-squandering machine.

Dr. Plichta has shown that atomic nuclei obey mathematical laws and he also has the four-dimensional space with the Plichta is the first chemist to produce so-called higher silanes, proving that these oils are no longer self-igniting and are considered to be the fuel of the future, silanes are in contradiction to each other to alkanes (hydrocarbons), silicon chains with attached hydrogen, as o silanes.

The technical advantages are revolutionary. But - do we want the revolution? Dr. Plichta has also discovered that oxygen in the blood binds magnetically to hemoglobin rather than, as anyone who studies biology, learning it at academies today. Dr. Plichta has some patents. His theses and proofs are revolutionary! They turn everything upside down. "Science Atoms" Martin Frischknecht in conversation with Dr. Peter Plichta on the Knowledge Couch at the Alpine Parliament Congress 2013

Science of Atoms Part 1 2013
Topics: Nuclear physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Number theory, Alternative and renewable energy sources and technology, Environmental chemistry

An Opera/Ballet based on Ovid's Metamorphoses (#10 and sections from several later portions) by Lloyd Rodgers, with libretto by Lloyd Rodgers and Thomas Graffio. Los Angeles Chamber Ballet. Choreography by Raiford Rogers. Ovid - Dennis Parnell, countertenor; Orpheus - Lawrence Blake; Euridice - Victoria Koenig

Orpheus an Opera Ballet by Lloyd Rodgers
Featuring: Lloyd Rodgers
Topics: Opera
Christopher Hitchens vs Marvin Olasky Debate
Christopher Hitchens vs Marvin Olasky
Christopher Hitchens vs Marvin Olasky
Featuring: Christopher Hitchens
Topics: Agnosticism and atheism
Magical by Adela Oppenheim

"You have to imagine that nobody really saw this except the princess." 82nd & Fifth invites 100 curators from across the Museum to talk about 100 works of art that changed the way they see the world.

82nd & Fifth: "Magical" by Adela Oppenheim
Featuring: Adela Oppenheim
Topics: Ancient Egyptian religion and mythology
Shaka Zulu

Here is Dudue Mchize who played Nandi and the Late William C. Faure. The Late M. Faure died in 1994 of kidney failier.

He is World wide known for creating and directing the TV series of the legendary African Zulu warrior and king, Shaka.

A tribute to the late Mr. William C. Faure
Featuring: William Faure
Topics: Biography: historical, political and military