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Facing Down Fear
John Sharp - Facing Down Fear
FACING DOWN FEAR touches briefly on my unsettled youth, and how I finally found and began to live a dream. My story ambles from the Orange Free State to Cape Town in South Africa, to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and East...

By: John Sharp
Topics: South Africa
Editions available: 1
The Book of Ornamental Alphabets, Ancient and Modern, From the Ninth to the Nineteenth Century, With Numerals
Freeman Delamotte - The Book of Ornamental Alphabets
Another beautiful record of hand carved alphabets by F. G. Delamotte.

By: Freeman Delamotte
Topics: Wood Engraving, Caligraphy
Editions available: 2
A Handful of Hard Men: The SAS and the Battle for Rhodesia
Hannes Wessels - A Handul of Hard Men
During the West’s great transition into the post-Colonial age, the country of Rhodesia refused to succumb quietly, and throughout the 1970s fought back almost alone against Communist-supported elements that it did not believe would deliver proper governance.

By: Hannes Wessels
Topics: African history, South African History, Zimbabwe History
Editions available: 4
Strange Tales from the African Bush
Hannes Wessels - Strange Tales from the African Bush
Hannes Wessels is one of the most talented writers that we at Safari Press have read in a long time. This former PH in Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe writes tales of hapless figures and derring-do gone wrong that will make...

By: Hannes Wessels
Topics: African history, Natural History of Africa
Editions available: 2
PK Van der Byl: African statesman
Hannes Wessels - PK Van Der Byl
The narrative gives the reader an overview of the history of the white man in southern Africa with detailed emphasis on the Rhodesian story through the life and times of PK van der Byl; one of the major players in...

By: Hannes Wessels
Topics: South African History, African history, Zimbabwe History
Editions available: 2
We Dared to Win: The SAS in Rhodesia
Hannes Wellels - We Dared to Win
Andre Scheepers grew up on a farm in Rhodesia, learning about the bush from his African childhood friends, before joining the army. A quiet, introspective thinker, Andre started out as a trooper in the SAS before being commissioned into the...

By: Hannes Wessels, Andre Scheepers
Topics: African history, South African History, Zimbabwe History, Military history
Editions available: 2
Guns, Golf and Glory
Hannes Wessels - Guns Golf and Glory
This humorous and fascinating book looks into the lives and times of Rhodesia’s and Zimbabwe’s most well-known golfers. Co-written by Hannes Wessels and Nick Price, Guns, Golf & Glory, covers the history of the game in the country and is...

By: Hannes Wessels
Topics: South Africa, Golf
Editions available: 2
Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps
Robert Felix - Magnetic Reversals
Forget Darwin’s theory of slow, stately, orderly evolution. Robert W. Felix presents riveting proof that evolution takes giant leaps in sync with magnetic reversals (times when compasses would have pointed south rather than north).

By: Robert Felix
Topics: Evolution, Climate change
Editions available: 2
Not by Fire but by Ice
Robert Felix - Not by Fire but by Ice
The next ice age could begin any day! Next week, next month, next year, it’s not a question of if, only when. One day you will wake up – or won’t wake up, rather – buried beneath nine stories of...

By: Robert Felix
Topics: Climate change, Weather and climate: general interest
Editions available: 2