A tribute to the late Mr. William C. Faure

Here is Dudue Mchize who played Nandi and the Late William C. Faure. The Late M. Faure died in 1994 of kidney failier.

He is World wide known for creating and directing the TV series of the legendary African Zulu warrior and king, Shaka.

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Shaka kaSenzangakhona
The Zulu monarch Shaka was a contemporary of the French emperor Napoleon, and has even been dubbed the ‘African Napoleon’ by some. However, apart from their reputation as great military leaders, history has remembered these two men quite differently. On...
William C Faure
William Faure
South African film director and writer, best known for writing and directing Shaka Zulu, a 1986 television mini series. The show still has a massive following in South Africa and worldwide.

Occupations: Director, Producer
Specialties: Historical Biography
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