The Roots of Reality

Ernest Bax - The Roots of Reality
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An Excerpt From The Preface:


In the following pages the author, starting from certain postulates, founded in the consistency of consciousness itself, seeks to rough-hew some outlines indicating the leading directions such as it appears to him any future philosophic construction is bound to take (or, if this be disputed, let us say, at least to take account of) if it aspires to be even relatively adequate to the needs of the up-to-date philosophic mind.


The general basis in question is here found uncompromisingly in that of modern philosophical Idealism, though not perhaps in the form in which it has loomed largest in modern philosophic though, or indeed, precisely in any form in which it has been hitherto presented.

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Ernest Belfort Bax
Ernest Belfort Bax
Bax was a passionate advocate for the social and legal rights of men, which he saw as lacking in comparison to the legal rights of women. His first major article on the subject was Some Bourgeois Idols; Or Ideals, Reals...

Occupations: Philosopher, Social Critic
Specialties: Men's Rights, Feminism, Free Speech / Free Thought Advocate
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