Neoconservatism: Why We Need It

Douglas Murray - Neoconservatism
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A vigorous defence of the most controversial political philosophy of our age. In this timely book Douglas Murray explains what neoconservatism is, in theory and practice. He defends it against its critics and explains why – despite the noisy claims of its opponents – neoconservatism is good.

Murray is the first person to make a sustained case for why neoconservatism is relevant to Britain. And neoconservatism, it is argued, is the future not just of the British Conservative party, but of any political party committed to the ideals of freedom at home and abroad.

This book calls for the introduction of neoconservative ideas into British politics, explaining why this is necessary and how it could be achieved.

The early chapters explain neoconservatism’s roots and forebears. A chapter on the Iraq war demonstrates the moral and political vacuum now gripping both ‘left’ and ‘right’ in Britain. Finally, Murray details what British neoconservatism should look like and why the need for it is so urgent.

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