Jean-Paul Marat: The People's Friend

Ernest Bax - Jean-Paul Marat: The People's Friend
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An Excerpt From The Preface:


As being perhaps the best abused man in modern history, the “People’s Friend” had always exercised a fascination over the writer of this volume. The verdict of the “world” on a public character, as well as on moral worth in general and its opposite, like the public opinion of the “world” on other matters, represents only too often the verdict or the opinion of class-prejudice and ignorance.


It is, in fact, a fairly safe plan to ascertain for oneself “what most people think” on such questions, and then assume the opposite to be true. The result is a good working hypothesis, which remains, of course, to be possibly modified or even abandoned by subsequent investigation, but which is generally the nearest approach to truth we can make in the absence of the requisite knowledge for forming an unbiased judgment.

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Ernest Belfort Bax
Ernest Belfort Bax
Bax was a passionate advocate for the social and legal rights of men, which he saw as lacking in comparison to the legal rights of women. His first major article on the subject was Some Bourgeois Idols; Or Ideals, Reals...

Occupations: Philosopher, Social Critic
Specialties: Men's Rights, Feminism, Free Speech / Free Thought Advocate
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