The God of Metaphysics

Timothy Sprigge - The God of Metaphysics
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Can philosophy offer reasonable grounds for the existence of a God as the center of actual faith, rather than just a theoretical Absolute? Timothy Sprigge offers a fascinating exploration of the metaphysical systems of a diverse range of philosophers, from Spinoza and Hegel to T. H. Green and Josiah Royce, testing objections to what might be called "metaphysical religion" against the systems of these distinguished thinkers. In the process, Sprigge offers a compelling new defense of a highly unfashionable Idealist worldview.

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Prof. Timothy Lauro Squire Sprigge, Ph.D.
Timothy Sprigge
Timothy L. S. Sprigge (1932-2007) was Regius Professor of Logic and Metaphysics in the University of Edinburgh and Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. In addition, to his magnum opus, The Vindication of Absolute Idealism (1983), his books include: Facts, Words and Beliefs (1970), Santayana: An Examination of His...

Occupations: Educator, Philosopher, Author
Specialties: Idealism
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