Go Quietly...or Else

Spiro Agnew - Go Quietly...or Else
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Mr. Agnew challenges the widely held beliefs about his alleged involvement in bribery and extortion while in office. His testimony provides a detailed, well-documented, week-by-week account of the whirlwind of events leading to his resignation and unsnarles the tangle of distorted and willfully contrived evidence that has burdened his life for the past six years.

The Freedom of Information Act has made available to Mr. Agnew the heavily censored files of the prosecutors, documenting Justice Department efforts to fabricate a case. Far more startling and significant, however, are the revelations concerning the tactics of high officials of the Nixon administration to force Mr. Agnew to resign immediately.

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Spiro Theodore Agnew
Spiro Agnew
AGNEW, SPIRO THEODORE, Vice President of the United States; born in Baltimore, Md., November 9, 1918; educated in the public schools of Baltimore; attended the Johns Hopkins University; graduated from the University of Baltimore Law School 1947; served in the...

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