German Culture Past and Present

Ernest Bax - German Culture Past and Present
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An Excerpt From The Preface:


The following pages aim at giving a general view of the social and intellectual life of Germany from the end of the medieval period to modern times. In the earlier portion of the book, the first half of the sixteenth century in Germany is dealt with at much greater length and in greater detail than the later period, a sketch of which forms the subject of the last two chapters.


The reason for this is to be found in the fact that while the roots of the later German character and culture are to be sought for in the life of this period, it is comparatively little known to the average educated English reader.

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Ernest Belfort Bax
Ernest Belfort Bax
Bax was a passionate advocate for the social and legal rights of men, which he saw as lacking in comparison to the legal rights of women. His first major article on the subject was Some Bourgeois Idols; Or Ideals, Reals...

Occupations: Philosopher, Social Critic
Specialties: Men's Rights, Feminism, Free Speech / Free Thought Advocate
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