Dear Enemy

James Bacque - Dear Enemy
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Richard Mathias Mueller was part of the Hitler Youth when he became a German soldier during WW II. He was imprisoned in an Allied camp in 1945, and narrowly escaped with his life.

Years later, he discovered the writings of Canadian author James Bacque whose best-selling books recount the atrocities committed by the American and French troops against German prisoners. In 1991, Mueller contacted Bacque and a prolific correspondence began.

The letters the two exchanged collected in Dear Enemy for the first timehotly debate the controversial issues of WW II and the lasting effects it has had. Their discussions include prison camps, Germanys guilt, the Holocaust and, more recently, the alarming rise of the Right in European politics.

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James Bacque
James Bacque
James Bacque, (1929-2019) who was born and educated in Toronto, was a former journalist, book editor (Macmillan of Canada) and publisher (newpress).

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