The Ancient Near East: A History

William Hallo - Ancient Near East
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This new history of the ancient Near East meets an insistent demand. Although many books are published annually in the general field of “Biblical archeology,” the political and cultural development of pre-classical antiquity has not been in English by specialists in the field since the days of Breasted and stead. This omission is now being remedied by a number of  collaborative efforts, among which pride of place unquestionably belongs to the revised of the Cambridge Ancient History.

We urge the reader to refer to its as these are published; they supply a wealth of detail not attempted Such joint ventures, however, lack a unity of viewpoint that the material justifies and even requires. A measure of unity informs the grand themes the vast panorama of ancient Near Eastern history; a common rhythm successive crests and troughs punctuates historical development throughout western Asia and Egypt.

The twin disciplines of Assyriology and Egyptology supply the essential tools for reconstructing such patterns. They have developed along very separate lines in the last several decades, but we have attempted overcome their regrettable isolation from one another and to identify the links between events and trends at both ends of the “Fertile Crescent.”

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William Wolfgang Hallo, Ph.D.
William Wolfgang Hallo
William Wolfgang Hallo was professor of Assyriology and Babylonian Literature and curator of the Babylonian collection at Yale University. He was born in Kassel, Germany.

Occupations: Educator, Historian, Philologist
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