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Tract: Plasma Astrophysics and Cosmology
Anthony Peratt - Plasma Astrophysics and Cosmology
This special issue of the international journal of cosmic physics, Astrophysics and Space Science, contains invited contributions delivered at the Second IEEE International Workshop on Plasma Astrophysics and Cosmology, held from 10 to 12 May 1993 in Princeton, New Jersey....
By: Anthony Peratt, Grote Reber, Andre Assis
Topics: Plasma physics
Editions available: 2
Tract: Physics of the Plasma Universe
Anthony Peratt - Physics of the Plasma Universe
Today many scientists recognize plasma as the key element to understanding new observations in near-Earth, interplanetary, interstellar, and intergalactic space; in stars, galaxies, and clusters of galaxies, and throughout the observable universe. Physics of the Plasma Universe, 2nd Edition is...
By: Anthony Peratt
Topics: Plasma physics
Editions available: 3
Tract: The Big Bang Never Happened
Eric Lerner - The Big Bang Never Happened
A mesmerizing challenge to orthodox cosmology with powerful implications not only for cosmology itself but also for our notions of time, God, and human nature -- with a new Preface addressing the latest developments in the field.
By: Eric Lerner
Topics: Astrophysics, Cosmology and the Universe, Theoretical and mathematical astronomy
Editions available: 3
Tract: Beyond Born Again: Towards Evangelical Maturity
Robert Price - Beyond Born Again
In this critique of modern evangelicals, theologian and writer Robert M. Price outlines several of the difficulties to be found in traditional evangelical apologetics, such as the evangelical defense of the historical reliability of the gospels, the resurrection of Jesus,...
By: Robert Price
Topics: Evangelism: Christianity, Biblical Criticism
Editions available: 3
Tract: Extinctions: History, Origins, Causes & Future of Mass Extinctions
Extinctions History Origins
Twenty-five essays by scientists describing conditions and events that lead to and might lead to a future extinction event on Earth.
By: Merill Singer, Paul Ehrlich, Andrew Glikson, Barry Brook, Corey Bradshaw, Richard Firestone, Peter Leigh, Victor Sidel, S. Duhau, John Cairns
Topics: Ancient history, Endangered species and extinction of species, Catastrophism, Climate Alarmism
Editions available: 1
Tract: The Rape of the Masters: How Political Correctness Sabotages Art
Roger Kimball - Rape of the Masters
Colleges and universities used to teach art history to encourage connoisseurship and acquaint students with the riches of our artistic heritage. But now, as Roger Kimball reveals in this witty and provocative book, the student is less likely to learn...
By: Roger Kimball
Topics: Art Criticism
Editions available: 3
Tract: Working the Navajo Way: Labor and Culture in the Twentieth Century
Colleen O'Neill - Working the Navajo Way
The Diné have been a pastoral people for as long as they can remember; but when livestock reductions in the New Deal era forced many into the labor market, some scholars felt that Navajo culture would inevitably decline. Although they...
By: Colleen O'Neill
Topics: Native American Demographic Studies, Economic history
Editions available: 3
Tract: Modeling of Molecular Properties
Peter Comba - Modeling of Molecular Properties
Molecular modeling encompasses applied theoretical approaches and computational techniques to model structures and properties of molecular compounds and materials in order to predict and / or interpret their properties. The modeling covered in this book ranges from methods for small...
By: Peter Comba
Topics: Chemistry, Physical chemistry
Editions available: 2
Tract: Structure and Function
Peter Comba - Structure and Function
The art of chemistry is to thoroughly understand the properties of molecular compounds and materials and to be able to prepare novel compounds with p- dicted and desirable properties. The basis for progress is to fully appreciate and fundamentally understand...
By: Peter Comba
Topics: Physical chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, Crystallography, Inorganic chemistry, Chemistry
Editions available: 3
Tract: Electronic Structure and Number Theory
Electronic Structure and Number Theory
The series Structure and Bonding publishes critical reviews on topics of research concerned with chemical structure and bonding. The scope of the series spans the entire Periodic Table and addresses structure and bonding issues associated with all of the elements....
By: Jan Boeyens, Peter Comba
Topics: Physical chemistry, Quantum and theoretical chemistry, Chemistry, Atomic and molecular physics, Number theory, Inorganic chemistry
Editions available: 3