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Tract: Mesopotamian Mathematics 2100-1600 BC
Eleanor Robson - Mesopotamian Mathematics
Mathematics was integral to Mesopotamian scribal culture: indeed, writing was invented towards the end of the fourth millennium B.C. for the express purpose of recording numericalatical information. The main body of this book is a mathematical and philological discussion of...
By: Eleanor Robson
Topics: Mesopotamia, History of Ancient Mesopotamia, History of mathematics
Editions available: 1
Tract: Early Mesopotamian Royal Titles: A Philologic And Historical Analysis
William Hallo - Early Mesopotamian Royal Titles
Supreme political power in Mesopotamia was vested in kings for as far back as the written records go, but the titles used to identify the office of kingship often varied from one city to another and from one period to...
By: William Hallo
Topics: Ancient history, Mesopotamia
Editions available: 1