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Tract: Reagan's War
Peter Schweizer - Reagan's War
Ronald Reagan is often dismissed as an “amiable dunce,” a genial actor who simply mouthed whatever slogans his right-wing puppet masters put in front of him. Reagan’s War brilliantly overturns this myth. Drawing on private diaries dating from Reagan’s days...
By: Peter Schweizer
Topics: History of Politics, Communism & Socialism, United States History
Editions available: 3
Tract: Neoconservatism: Why We Need It
Douglas Murray - Neoconservatism
Murray is the first person to make a sustained case for why neoconservatism is relevant to Britain. And neoconservatism, it is argued, is the future not just of the British Conservative party, but of any political party committed to the...
By: Douglas Murray
Topics: Society and Social Sciences, History of Politics, Conservatism and right-of-centre democratic ideologies
Editions available: 2