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Tract: Elam - A bridge between Ancient Near East and Dravidian India
Václav Blažek - Elam a Bridge
The first certain attestation of the Elamite language is from the twenty-third century BC. The so-called ‘Treaty of Naram-Sin’, written in cuneiform script, was concluded between Naram-Sin (2254–2218), a successor of Rimuš, the son of Sargon of Agade (2334–2279), and...
By: Václav Blažek
Topics: Ancient Near East, Dravidian Culture
Editions available: 3
Tract: Contributions to the Anthropology of Iran - 2 of 2
Henry Field - Contributions to the Anthropology of Iran - 2 of 2
In dealing with the racial stocks of Southwestern Asia the term Mediterranean has been used in a plethora of different ways. I have, therefore, compiled the definitions of this word and its application to modern peoples, together with some other...
By: Henry Field
Topics: Anthropology, Ancient Near East, Ethnology
Editions available: 1
Tract: The Ancient Near East: A History
William Hallo - Ancient Near East
This new history of the ancient Near East meets an insistent demand. Although many books are published annually in the general field of “Biblical archeology,” the political and cultural development of pre-classical antiquity has not been in English by specialists...
By: William Hallo
Topics: Ancient Near East
Editions available: 1