Lenka's List - Indie Authors Welcome

Lenka's List, created by Lenka Lee and John Graffio, is the go-to place for indie and established authors to showcase their work. A true labor of love, the site has been put together with great care and attention to detail. Many new authors have few outlets to showcase their work, often uploading snippets of their titles into a vast, amorphous array of disjointed collections. Lenka's List formats each work into an attractive listing that can be shared on social media. There are exciting things yet to come from Lenka's List.

International Artist Ironhand

I took over Ironhand's website and domain registration in 2011. A relative had let the site go down, but I managed to transfer it to (now Dotster) and bring it back to life. Ironhand has tens of thousands of art pieces. It might take a while to catalog them all!