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Jan Boeyens
Jan Boeyens
Boeyens was educated at the University of Pretoria. He worked at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research of South Africa and at Stanford University. He became a professor of chemistry at the University of the Witwatersrand and Extraordinary Professor...

Occupation(s): Chemist, Mathematician, Physicist
Specialty(ies): Chemistry, Prime Number Theory, Quantum Mechanics
Contributions catalogued: 7
Demetrius Levendis
Demetrius Levendis
Number theory and Chemistry. The importance of numbers is science is obvious. Historically philosophers and scientists have contemplated the possibility that there is a fundamental connection between the patterns observed in nature and the natural and prime numbers. Fascinated by...

Occupation(s): Chemist
Specialty(ies): Chemistry, Prime Number Theory
Contributions catalogued: 1
Peter Plichta
Peter Plichta
Dr. Peter Plichta, born in 1939, studied chemistry, physics, nuclear chemistry and law at the University of Cologne. Doctorate in 1970 on silane compounds, whose representations until then were considered impossible. At the beginning of his work in 1971, he...

Occupation(s): Chemist, Mathematician, Physicist, Biologist
Specialty(ies): Silanes, Prime Number Theory
Contributions catalogued: 6