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Irving Langmuir
Irving Langmuir
Irving Langmuir is the 1932 Nobel Lauerate for Chemistry. Foremost and most inquiring scientist at the General Electric Company in Schenectady, New York. Born: Brooklyn, New York, 1881, Died: Woods Hole, Massachusetts in 1957. Graduated in metallurgical engineering from Columbia School of Mines in 1903, worked under Walther Nernst, University...

Occupation(s): Physicist, Chemist
Specialty(ies): Plasma Physics, Chemistry, Metallurgy
Contributions catalogued: 15
Charles Édouard Guillaume
Charles-Edouard Guillaume
Colleague of Kristian Birkeland whose multitude of honors included the Croix de l'Ordere de St-Olaf de Norvége. Guillaime spent his distinguished career at the Observatoire de Paris—Section de Meudon where he became reknowned for his thermo measurements. Guillaume was the first to determine the correct temperature of space.

Occupation(s): Physicist
Specialty(ies): Plasma Physics
Contributions catalogued: 0
Oscar Buneman
Oscar Buneman
In 1940 upon completion of his PhD with Douglas Hartree,[1] Buneman joined Hartree's magnetron research group assisting the development of radar during World War II. They discovered the Buneman–Hartree criterion for the voltage threshold of a magnetron operation. After the war, Buneman developed theories and simulations of collision-less dissipation of...

Occupation(s): Physicist
Specialty(ies): Plasma Physics, Astrophysics
Contributions catalogued: 1
Andre Assis
Andre Koch Torres Assis
Andre K. C. Assis is a research physicist from Brazil who has multiple interests, mainly in relational mechanics, cosmology, history and philosophy of science and a special interest in Weber's electrodynamics, which is theoretical work on electrodynamic nuclear forces before the discovery of many subatomic particles.

Occupation(s): Author, Astronomer, Educator, Physicist
Specialty(ies): Cosmology, Plasma Physics, Electromagnetism
Contributions catalogued: 5
Anthony Peratt
Anthony Peratt
Dr. Peratt’s research interests have included numerical and experimental contributions to high-energy density plasmas and intense particle beams; explosively-driven pulsed power generators; lasers; intense-power-microwave sources; particles; high energy density phenomena, Z-pinches, and inertially driven fusion target designs.

Occupation(s): Astronomer, Author, Physicist
Specialty(ies): Cosmology, Electromagnetism, Plasma Physics
Contributions catalogued: 4