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Irving Langmuir
Irving Langmuir
Irving Langmuir is the 1932 Nobel Lauerate for Chemistry. Foremost and most inquiring scientist at the General Electric Company in Schenectady, New York. Born: Brooklyn, New York, 1881, Died: Woods Hole, Massachusetts in 1957. Graduated in metallurgical engineering from Columbia...

Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation(s): Physicist, Chemist, Scientist
Specialty(ies): Plasma Physics, Chemistry, Metallurgy
Contributions catalogued: 15
Charles Édouard Guillaume
Charles-Edouard Guillaume
Colleague of Kristian Birkeland whose multitude of honors included the Croix de l'Ordere de St-Olaf de Norvége. Guillaime spent his distinguished career at the Observatoire de Paris—Section de Meudon where he became reknowned for his thermo measurements. Guillaume was the...

Country of Origin: France
Occupation(s): Physicist
Specialty(ies): Plasma Physics
Oscar Buneman
Oscar Buneman
In 1940 upon completion of his PhD with Douglas Hartree,[1] Buneman joined Hartree's magnetron research group assisting the development of radar during World War II. They discovered the Buneman–Hartree criterion for the voltage threshold of a magnetron operation. After the...

Occupation(s): Physicist
Specialty(ies): Plasma Physics, Astrophysics
Contributions catalogued: 1
Andre Assis
Andre Koch Torres Assis
Andre K. C. Assis is a research physicist from Brazil who has multiple interests, mainly in relational mechanics, cosmology, history and philosophy of science and a special interest in Weber's electrodynamics, which is theoretical work on electrodynamic nuclear forces before...

Country of Origin: Brazil
Occupation(s): Astronomer, Educator, Physicist
Specialty(ies): Cosmology, Plasma Physics, Electromagnetism
Contributions catalogued: 5
Anthony Peratt
Anthony Peratt
Dr. Peratt’s research interests have included numerical and experimental contributions to high-energy density plasmas and intense particle beams; explosively-driven pulsed power generators; lasers; intense-power-microwave sources; particles; high energy density phenomena, Z-pinches, and inertially driven fusion target designs.

Occupation(s): Physicist, Astronomer, Scientist
Specialty(ies): Cosmology, Electromagnetism, Plasma Physics
Contributions catalogued: 3