People classified with "Egyptian Language"

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Ogden Goelet
Ogden Goelet
Ogden Goelet received his Ph.D. in Ancient Egyptian History from the History Department at Columbia University in 1982. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses full time at NYU since 1988 and is now concentrating on graduate courses in the...

Occupation(s): Archaeologist, Egyptologist, Historian
Specialty(ies): Egyptian Language, Egyptian Literature
Contributions catalogued: 1
Flinders Petrie
Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie
Petrie is one of the most famous Egyptologists of all time. He is considered by many to be the founder of modern Egyptology. Known as the "Father of Pot Shards", he learned to extract considerable amounts of information from what...

Occupation(s): Egyptologist, Anthropologist, Historian, Independent Researcher, Philologist
Specialty(ies): Egyptian Language, Egyptian Literature, Egyptian Art
Contributions catalogued: 3
Wallis Budge
Wallis Budge
Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge was an English Egyptologist, Orientalist, and philologist who worked for the British Museum and published numerous works on the ancient Near East.

Occupation(s): Egyptologist, Historian, Philologist
Specialty(ies): Egyptian Language, Egyptian Art
Contributions catalogued: 24
James Peter Allen
James Peter Allen
James Peter Allen is an American Egyptologist, specializing in language and religion. He was curator of Egyptian Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art from 1990 to 2006. In 2007, he became the Wilbour professor of Egyptology at Brown University....

Occupation(s): Egyptologist, Educator, Anthropologist
Specialty(ies): Egyptian Language, Egyptian Architecture
Contributions catalogued: 10