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William Hallo
William Wolfgang Hallo
William Wolfgang Hallo was professor of Assyriology and Babylonian Literature and curator of the Babylonian collection at Yale University. He was born in Kassel, Germany.

Occupation(s): Educator, Historian, Philologist
Specialty(ies): Assyrian, Babylonian, Mesopotamian
Contributions catalogued: 6
Flinders Petrie
Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie
Petrie is one of the most famous Egyptologists of all time. He is considered by many to be the founder of modern Egyptology. Known as the "Father of Pot Shards", he learned to extract considerable amounts of information from what other's might see merely as refuge. Yet, Petrie had no...

Occupation(s): Anthropologist, Egyptologist, Historian, Independent Researcher, Philologist
Specialty(ies): Egyptian Language, Egyptian Literature, Egyptian Art
Contributions catalogued: 3
Wallis Budge
Wallis Budge
Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge was an English Egyptologist, Orientalist, and philologist who worked for the British Museum and published numerous works on the ancient Near East.

Occupation(s): Author, Egyptologist, Historian, Philologist
Specialty(ies): Egyptian Language, Egyptian Art
Contributions catalogued: 24
James Henry Breasted
James Henry Breasted
James Henry Breasted was an American archaeologist, Egyptologist, and historian. After completing his PhD at the University of Berlin in 1894, he joined the faculty of the University of Chicago. In 1901 he became director of the Haskell Oriental Museum at the university, where he continued to concentrate on Egypt.

Occupation(s): Author, Egyptologist, Philologist
Specialty(ies): Egyptology
Contributions catalogued: 10