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Aubrey Burl
Aubrey Burl
Harry Aubrey Woodruff Burl FSA HonFSA Scot (24 September 1926 – 8 April 2020) was a British archaeologist most well known for his studies into megalithic monuments and the nature of prehistoric rituals associated with them.

Occupation(s): Archeologist, Lecturer
Specialty(ies): Megalithic Monuments
Contributions catalogued: 15
Martini Fisher
Martini Fisher
Martini Fisher comes from a family of history and culture buffs. She graduated from Macquarie University, Australia, with a degree in Ancient History. Although her interest in history is diverse, Martini is especially interested in mythologies, folklores and ancient funerary...

Occupation(s): Mythographer, Lecturer
Articles published: 2
Leonard Peikoff
Leonard Peikoff
Leonard S. Peikoff (born October 15, 1933) is a Canadian-American philosopher. He is an author, a leading advocate of Objectivism and the founder of the Ayn Rand Institute. A former professor of philosophy, he was designated by the novelist Ayn...

Country of Origin: Canada
Occupation(s): Lecturer, Philosopher
Specialty(ies): Objectivism
Contributions catalogued: 12
Eric Lerner
Eric Lerner
Eric J. Lerner is an award-winning popular science writer, plasma researcher and advocate of plasma cosmology. In 1991, he authored The Big Bang Never Happened, a popular science book highlighting Plasma Cosmology in comparison to the Big Bang theory. He...

Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation(s): Physicist, Lecturer
Specialty(ies): Cosmology, Electromagnetism, Plasma Physics, Philosophy of Science
Contributions catalogued: 1
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