Lenka's List - Indie Authors Welcome

Web Platform

Lenka’s List was created by Lenka Lee and John Graffio to support the indie community.


We are here for you, the writer. You have spent endless hours working on your story, filling it with captivating characters and unexpected twists to entertain and enrich the reader. Then you endured countless criticism and rejection of your work.

We aim to create an environment where every writer is welcomed. Whether published or not, we want to showcase your material.


We have created some engaging features that few other sites have, including:

  • Syndicating author's blogs,
  • Special columns authored by writers eager to share their knowledge,
  • An easy to use glossary to find an author or a title,
  • An easy to use search function to locate anything on the site,
  • An extensive profile on each author, including
    • Author profile
    • Author interview
    • Social media presence
    • Titles published
    • News and upcoming events
    • Blogs syndicated on our site
    • Columns authored on the site

Helping the Indie Author

It began with a phone call, and the process of creating something from nothing had begun. Both Lenka and John were learning as they went along, getting valuable feedback from authors and other interested parties. What eventually became apparent is that many indie writers are completely at a loss on how to market themselves, especially how to use the World Wide better to their advantage.

While Lenka's List produces a beautifully formatted author profile, the aspect of an author branding themselves must center around their web presence, and a properly constructed web site is a vital part of an indie author making a name for themselves.