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Tract: Cosmic Plasma
Hannes Alfven - Costmic Plasma
Plasma physics started along two parallel lines. One of them was the hundred-year-old investigations into what was called ‘electrical discharges in gases’. To a high degree, this approach was experimental and phenomenological, and only very slowly did it reach some...
By: Hannes Alfvén
Topics: Plasma physics, Cosmology and the Universe
Editions available: 3
Tract: Wisdomkeepers: Meetings with Native American Spiritual Elders
Wisdomkeepers takes an extraordinary spirit-journey into the lives, minds, and natural-world philosophy of Native American spiritual Elders. With magnificent photographs and powerful words, the Wisdomkeepers share their innermost thoughts and feelings, their dreams and visions, their jokes and laughter, their...
By: Steve Wall, Harvey Arden
Topics: Native American History, Native American Traditions
Editions available: 1
Tract: The Decline of the West
Oswald Spengler - The Decline of the West - Vol 01
IN this book is attempted for the first time the venture of predetermining history, of following the still untravelled stages in the destiny of a Culture, and specifically of the only Culture of our time and on our planet which...
By: Oswald Spengler
Topics: Western Civilization
Editions available: 2
Tract: Cosmical Electrodynamics
Hannes Alfven - Cosmical Electrodynamics
Recent discoveries have revealed that electromagnetic phenomena are of greater importance in cosmic physics than used to be supposed. The time now seems to be ripe for an attempt to trace systematically the electromagnetic phenomena in the cosmos, and this...
By: Hannes Alfvén
Topics: Astrophysics, Plasma physics
Editions available: 2