Vicki Hitt

Vicki Hitt
Vital Statistics
 Name: Vicki Hitt
 Country of Origin: United States of America
 Occupations: Artist, Educator, Therapist
 Specialties: Art, Fine Art, Jewelry, Writing
Original Curator: John Graffio

Vicki and her husband, Jim Hitt, moved to Hemet in July 2006. Before that, she taught history, psychology and sociology for 25 years in Simi Valley.

She graduated from California Lutheran University with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and became a licensed MFT in California. She used art therapy to help her to better to understand the inter-working of her patients, especially children.

After retiring, she returned to college to study art. She works in all mediums, although primarily in pastels and acrylics. She enjoys photography and uses many of her photos as references for paintings. She is also an active member of the Diamond Valley Writers’ Guild.

She’s active in the 4 Season Book Club, past chairperson of the Art League, member of the New Media Art Group. Her husband and she have two critique writing groups in their home. 

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Photography of Vicki Hitt - Album 01
Model and Flowers
Enjoy the surreal mindscapes of Vicki Hitt's photography.

Thema Categories: Photography: specific techniques
Multimedia Art of Vicki Hitt - Album 01
Triptych Under Water
Here Vicki combines metallic inks, metal foils, acrylics and other techniques to create stunning art forms.

Thema Categories: Art techniques and principles
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