Tom Kawczynski

Tom Kawczynski
Vital Statistics
 Name: Tom Kawczynski
 Country of Origin: United States of America
 Occupations: Historian
 Specialties: Social Commentary

Tom Kawczynski tells the everyman story of what is happening in history and politics today. Controversial yet accessible, his books cover the questions people whisper about but are not allowed to discuss openly. Identity politics, civil strife, and the darker side of politics, control, and finance are common themes.

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The Coming Civil War
Tom Kawczynski - The Coming Civil War
War is coming. The first skirmishes are already being fought. The crisis America faces is between two incompatible visions of the future, and a nation sharply divided between them. Will we become this diverse beacon of tolerance where we forget...

Thema Categories: Civil wars
Published in: English
Editions available: 3
The Color of My Blood
Tom Kawczynski - The Color of My Blood
The curseborn live with the blood that is dying, coursing beneath their darkened skin. Unable to reproduce without the fairborn men whose laws subjugate them daily, these women submit themselves to the people who use them as they will for...

Thema Categories: Epic fantasy / heroic fantasy, Category fiction
Published in: English
Editions available: 1
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