Marianne Kinkel

Marianne Kinkel
Vital Statistics
 Name: Dr. Marianne Beatrice Kinkel, Ph.D.
 Country of Origin: United States of America
 Occupations: Educator
 Specialties: Art, Art History
 Year born: 1959
 Age: 61
Original Curator: John Graffio

Associate Professor: Art History Coordinator at Washington State University

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Races of Mankind: The Sculptures of Malvina Hoffman
Marianne Kinkel - The Races of Mankind
In 1930, Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History commissioned sculptor Malvina Hoffman to produce three-dimensional models of racial types for an anthropology display called the Races of Mankind. In this exceptional study, Marianne Kinkel measures the colossal impact of the...

Thema Categories: Anthropology, Sculpture, Art techniques and principles
Published in: English
Editions available: 1
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