Johan Verwey

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 Name: Johan Pieter Verwey, M.A.
 Country of Origin: Netherlands
 LCNA: nb2011031415
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Johan Pieter Verwey has an MA in Arabic Language and Culture from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. His main areas of research are Muslim integration in The Netherlands and the history of radical Islamic movements worldwide.

"Many people are interested in Islam, the Islamic world and the way in which the West responds to a dominant and sometimes aggressive religious movement. Because there is often poor and insufficient sharpness about these topics in the media, I try here - from time to time - to provide the reader with reliable information and to clarify the background of the news." - JP Verwey

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Victims Of Intimidation: Freedom Of Speech Within Europe's Muslim Communities
Victims of Intimidation
Victims of Intimidation tells the stories of nearly 30 Europeans of Muslim background - some believing Muslims and others not - who have been threatened by Muslim extremists. Based on interviews with many of these individuals, the report details the...

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