Jean Gimpel

Jean Gimpel
Vital Statistics
 Name: Jean Gimpel
 Country of Origin: France
 Occupations: Historian, Art Historian
 Specialties: Art, Architecture
 Year born: 1918
 Year died: 1996
 Age: 78
 ISNI: 0000 0000 8173 2297
 LCNA: n50029905
Original Curator: John Graffio

Jean Gimpel is the son of the well-known art dealer René Gimpel and nephew of the incomparable Duveen. Since 1948 he has not permitted a work of art to enter his house. Jean Gimpel is the author of The Cathedral Builders, which was translated into half a dozen languages.

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The End of the Future: The Waning of the High-Tech World: Praeger Studies on the 21st Century
Jean Gimpel - The End of the Future
This book represents the first calm, detailed, and rational description of the imminent end of western industrial civilization as we know it. Despite this alarming premise Gimpel is far from pessimistic, save in the short term: with the sure hand...

Thema Categories: Ethical and social aspects of IT, Business Technology
Published in: English
Editions available: 2
The Cathedral Builders
Jean Gimpel - The Cathedral Builders
Recounts the construction of the great European cathedrals during the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth centuries, discusses the rise of craftsmen's guilds, and explains why the religious building boom ended.

Thema Categories: Medieval Architecture
Published in: English
Editions available: 3
Medieval Machine: The Industrial Revolution of the Middle Ages
Jean Gimpel - Medieval Machine
A close examination of the industrial life and institutions of the Middle Ages and of that inventiveness that laid the foundations for our present technologically oriented society.

Thema Categories: Medieval Technology, Medieval Architecture
Published in: English
Editions available: 3
The Cult of Art: Against Art and Artists
Jean Gimpel - The Cult of Art
Nowadays art has attained the status of a quasi-religion and the artist has come to be regarded as a kind of high priest, a being who possesses a special sort of perception and understanding. In The Cult of Art Jean...

Thema Categories: Art Criticism, History of art, Art History
Published in: English
Editions available: 1
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